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Nov 2022

Help your partners gather leads with branded pop-up call to actions on their websites

For your partners to be successful and get results, a good contacts and leads list is key. However, gathering these leads or getting them into the right database can be a struggle that your partners might need some help with.

Help your partners grow their contacts & leads list

There are multiple ways of how you can support your partners in growing their contacts & leads list with Partner Pulse. Think about buying new data lists via our data services or creating a connection with an external system to update the lists automatically. Lead generation however is usually something that partners find challenging. Common struggles are that there is no lead funnel, or even a follow up process. Opportunities slip between the cracks, because they have to get transferred from one system to another and get lost. Or leads do not get followed up in time.

Automated lead process and funnel

Getting freshly generated leads into the right database is important. To automate and streamline this process we’ve created a tool that allows you to set-up pop-up forms on your partners websites that feed the new leads directly into the contacts & leads database in Partner Pulse. These pop-ups can be used for contacts to register for upcoming events, subscribe to your newsletter, or let them download content you want them to register for, like whitepapers. The possibilities are endless.

How it works: embed a template based form

We set up a registration form template one time in Partner Pulse. You can decide on the fields, privacy settings, and the co-brandable elements, like colors and logos. This single setup can generate forms on the websites of all of your partners. Your partners only have to embed the HTML code on their website, easy as that.

The results of the registrations will be stored in your Partner Pulse environment. Here you can set up workflow triggers and send out followup emails to get your leads into the next stage of your sales funnel.

An on-brand experience

Partners can embed the HTML code on their page, as a floating or sticky pop-out or as a pop-up. The form will automatically have the branding guidelines of the partner, which are set in the My Account page of the portal, like the corporate identity colors. And including the look-and-feel elements of the vendor.

Do you want to gather contact and lead information, directly on the website of your partners? Or do you want to know more about all of our lead generation possibilities? Contact Remco Vermeer via remco.vermeer@getpartnerpulse.com and explore all the possibilities and start embedding form templates for your company.

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