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Jun 2022

Guaranteed ROI on your Partner Marketing platform with Result Based Engagement, how does it work?

When investing in Partner Marketing tools we are all striving for the same thing, Return On Investment. However in reality we find that it is not so obvious. Loads of costs up front and higher than expected implementation costs with no guarantees whether you’re going to achieve your TCMA goals and targets, in other words: risks all over.

The Result Based Pricing (RBP) solution offered by GorillaICT Partner Pulse can help you mitigate that risk. We minimize your fixed cost while guaranteeing your ROI at the same time.

In this blog we’ll give you an introduction of what the Result Based Pricing solution is and how it works.

What is Result Based Pricing?
We are passionate about helping companies who sell through channels to be successful. Hence, with our 30+ years of experience, knowledge and proven results - we developed a data-driven approach that helps you make your partners sell for you.

This data-driven approach gives you a focus on attracting and motivating the right partners who will give you the best increase in sales hit rate, in order to meet or exceed your targets. Allowing you to pay only for the Marketing results you achieve.This will transform your partner support platforms into a variable cost rather than a fixed cost, based on actual Marketing results.

We are more than willing to guarantee that this works as we believe so strongly in our approach that we are prepared to share the risk with you - You only pay when you have results.

Sounds good, but how does it work?
We will create a No Excuse environment with all the campaign tools and data you and your partners need. Our data-driven approach and personal support makes your life easier by highlighting your next best actions and spotlighting channel performance. Working all inside one platform that is scalable to align to your needs now and in the future.

What’s in it for the partner to go the extra mile? A whole lot!
We will help your partners be more successful with Marketing and while doing so sell more for you

8679797_checkbox_blank_circle_icon (png) First, we activate them with our Spiffing program. 
Spiff stands for "Sales Performance Incentive Fund". It's a short-term, incentive-based initiative meant to motivate sales representatives. However, we are offering a unique program where the marketing    manager, doing the back-end job, actually gets spiffed by us when they register their MQLs.
Vendors, don't worry, you can still incentivise your sales, while we help you with the marketing managers. We think it is about time that your partners get rewarded for their hard work!

8679797_checkbox_blank_circle_icon (png) Secondly, we support them with our data-driven service offerings and incentives.
All this creates a true no excuse environment with all the automated campaign tools and data that you and your partners need. 

All the tools and services you and your partners need
to start getting real TCMA results

We have a wide range of tools and services from Gorilla and Partner Pulse to support you and your partners in your needs, every step of the way. For partners who like to work independently, our Partner Success team is available to answer questions as the Partners start working within the platform and launch campaigns. For partners that like a more white-glove approach we offer a wide range of support options to take away any excuses they might have such as Concierge Support or Custom Campaigns, that you can Pick & Mix from our Marketplace.

Are you interested in increasing your ROI and lowering your costs?
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