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Get new partners up-and-running fast

Gain more of the right partners and get them up-and-running fast

From a tardy process to an engaged partner network!


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From a tardy process to an engaged partner network!

Risk onboarding

RISK Hypotheekdesk onboarding, quick and easy!

Printing agreements, signing by hand, scan and send. That can be done much more efficient. We helped streamlining the request process and removed all excuses. In just three simple steps.

Risk Case

Partner Recruitment and Onboarding

Key Functionalities

Target the most interesting partners to expand your partner network

Increase interest in your partner program by using our preconfigured Partner Recruitment tools. Segment, target and track potential partners with our to-partner marketing tools, like branded emails, social posts and landing pages, equipped with lead tracking and nurturing tools.
Target your partners
Target your partners
Get new partners up and running in no-time

Get new partners up and running in no-time

Lower the threshold for partners to sign up for your partner program by streamlining and automating the steps of the onboarding process. Use the full potential of your new Partner Portal by setting up a personalised experience matching the current phase where the partner is in with recommended content and step-by-step playbooks.
Get new partners up and running in no-time

Follow the partner progress and increase results

Keep track of your Partners’ onboarding process via the Partner Scorecard and provide them with (online) events or self-guided training. All data, that is collected via the Partner Portal, can be transformed into insights via multiple reporting possibilities. This way, you can track progress segments, regions or specific partners so you can set up an action plan to get even more results.
Follow the partner progress
Follow the partner progress

Solution Overview & Business Case

The Partner Growth solution for your partners and a relevant Business Case, directly in your mailbox.

Features overview

Keep track of all data in onboarding phases

Multi-tier approval processes & sign off legal documents

Match your data with potential partners databases

Collaborate via to-do's, comments and by sharing documents 

Direct API access for CRM integrations

Playbooks, Training, Events & Certification

Automated actions for distribution, followup and exceptions

How we help our customers

getting new partners up-and-running fast

Risk Onboarding
Dean One
Dean One improves partner performance
Arag increases result