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Get more control over the partner sales process

Gain insights and more control over the sales activity of your partners, so no deal will get lost.

With smart automation opportunities can be efficiently and easily tracked and followed up.

VMZinc connects supply and demand

VMZINC connects supply and demand

VMZINC is a brand for Zinc products, but also a connector between roofers and contractors via their network 'VMZINC at WORK'. VMZINC now goes the extra mile for their partners: with smart automation, they're now able to efficiently follow up and distribute all leads with project requests to their partner network, from small to large,.


Pipeline Management & Visibility 

Key Functionalities

Collaborate on opportunities and close deals fast

At HQ, you can follow all the opportunities of your partners via the HQ-Pipeline and gain insight in interesting metrics on activities and results. Via smart drill-downs, you're able to determine the details, scores and status of the individual partner pipeline, so you can help your partners gain the best out of their opportunities.
close deals fast
close deals fast
Impressive and punctual Follow up

Impressive and punctual Follow up

By connecting smart templates and actions to your opportunity stages, you're able to send personalised emails, sales materials or quotations on impressive personalised landing pages in just a few clicks. All customer interactions with the published content is trackable, so you and your partner know exactly what is being used and when.
Impressive and punctual Follow up

Automatically distribute leads to your partners and generate more sales

Set up parameters that specify what leads are distributed to which partner. A new lead that enters your pipeline will be automatically connected to the partner that suits the criteria or the behaviour the most, so the follow up will be quick and successful. Our platform will keep track of the follow up and will notify you whenever opportunities or partners need a push in the right direction.
Automatically distribute leads to your partners
Automatically distribute leads to your partners
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Connect with your existing systems, when the time is right

Pick and choose the right time to import your (marketing) qualified leads to the pipeline, or to export the deals won to your existing CRM environment. The fully customisable pipe-line integrates smoothly into your existing systems, ensuring that data gets handled and stored by the right system at the right time; leaving you with powerful GDPR proof reports and insights to plan your next actions.
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Solution Overview & Business Case

The Partner Sales solution for your partners and a relevant Business Case, directly in your mailbox.

Features Overview

Multi-tier pipeline views, scoring and dashboards

Pre-configured and customisable pipeline & reporting lay-outs

Playbooks and suggested content

Automated actions for distribution, followup and exceptions

Direct API access for CRM integrations

Collaborate via to-do's, comments and by sharing documents

Specific content for Mobile and Desktop use

Easy access with No-login-required for update requests

How we help our customers

with increasing their sales performance

VMZinc connects supply and demand
High volume direct mailings
Niko makes selling more fun